Advantages of working with value-added resellers

Value-added resellers are programs designed as a quick and cost-effective way to connect with your supply chain partner.  They provide various services to their clients. such as implementing product solutions, system designs and system integration. Over the years, VARs have been on the rise, with companies opting to use VARs due to their efficiency and their significant role in helping manufacturers improve their competitive edge. They have numerous advantages, including adding value to already sold products. VARs attempt to combine vendor products with their products and services to provide a tremendous competitive advantage. VARs have also incorporated different programs that enhance their efficiency in meeting customers’ needs.

Here are some of the advantages of using VAR programs

  1. Provide various services and options.

One of the advantages of working with value added reseller programs is that you get multiple services in one place. such as installing, training and support for businesses whenever they need one. In addition, Vars will sell and provide maintenance and repair services; hence you don’t have to outsource. Moreover, it ensures to keep up with the developing technologies. Thus, upgrades and customizes consumer needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Also, they provide technical and logistical support to ensure all customer queries are covered and answered adequately.

Mostly, VARs are well networked with other manufacturers thus are capable of offering various options. They can well recommend the best products for your company and understand your needs and provide expertise solutions that cover your needs.


  1. Provide all-inclusive solutions.

VARs will help you save on time by going through different manufacturers catalogues and comparing prices. They provide you with solutions to get all you need as they research well and update various manufacturers; hence can offer concrete solutions to the requirements you need for your company. Moreover, some companies will provide 24/7 emergency support whenever a business might need them.

  1. Cost-effective and time-efficient

The Value Added Resellers distribution model is a low-cost method of selling products. Therefore, you will have to pay VARS to use their services when selling products. The issue of payment, on the other hand, arises only when a sale is made. In other words, you pay Value Added Resellers nothing until a product is sold. Furthermore, VARS has its in-house sales and marketing team that saves you the money for hiring a Salesforce.

  1. 4. Provide a scalable business model

Value-added reseller programs will help grow your business. Also, help you save money from hiring business marketing consultants and other personnel. In addition, Vars will help scale up your business.

  1. Have an experienced team

Mostly, value-added resellers have experience from working for years . Hence, they have worked for years and have dealt with many different problems, making it easier for them to provide solutions for various issues. Also, they ensure to keep themselves updated with the upgrades of multiple programs and provide the most up to date solutions.

In conclusion, VARS proves to be a more helpful program. Provide customers with a wide range of options and services and at the same time saving them time and money.

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