At What Age Should You Buy Your Child A Puppy?

You might be interested in bringing a puppy into your home. Specifically, you could be eager to buy a pet pup for your child. There are lots of benefits to this idea. For instance, a pet like this will provide them with the chance to learn responsibilities and will be a loving companion. But when is the right age for your child to get their puppy? This depends on a few factors.

Can They Understand You?

You need to wait until your child can understand simple instructions before you get a puppy. It’s important that they know not to bother the puppy or treat it like a toy. So, really anything under about four years of age isn’t advised. At this time, a child is basically just like a puppy. They’ll still be learning to communicate and aren’t really equipped to look after a pet themselves.

Five is about right if you want the child to look after the dog. If you don’t want the child to have any responsibilities then it doesn’t really matter how old they are as long as you can keep them and the dog safe. Again, this depends on them being able to obey commands. As such, a couple years could be fine, but it’s worth choosing a gentle and patient breed.

Do You Want Them To Train The Dog?

If you want them to train the dog and take most of the responsibilities including walking, feeding, and playing, then seven or eight could be your best option. Here the child is old enough that they can understand these commitments and will be able to handle most of them by themselves. Of course, you’ll have to go out walking with them but the rest is certainly feasible for them to handle. They can even help you choose and order dog food from a site like, researching the best options on the market.

Is Every Child Different?

This is absolutely the case. Some children are more responsible than others from an early age. Many more children have no interest in responsibilities until they hit the teens. They also may not have the patience for a puppy and these are important considerations. Looking after a little pup is not easy. Even just through the first few months, you need to be up through the night, ready to take them out in the morning and ensure that you clean up their mess if they have issues inside. Plenty of children won’t be prepared for this.

Are They In It For The Long Haul?

You have to remember when you buy a child a puppy, they will usually live for up to fifteen years. So, if you wait until the child is ten, then the puppy will still be around by the time they hit twenty. That’s why it’s worth getting the pup as early as you can as long as you are prepared to take on some of the commitments. That way, you won’t be left with the dog when your child leaves home.

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