Can A Military Live Off-Base?

Some military personnel, especially those with families, prefer living off-base. There are many reasons why they could choose to live outside their camp, including living a luxurious life. However, most military personnel need to move after a few months or years, depending on their duty station. Hence, those looking for temporary but comfortable housing off-base have several options.

Reasons to Live Off-Base

There are several reasons why some military personnel prefer to live outside their base camp;

  • The camp base doesn’t allow pets
  • Freedom in your house
  • Be with family and friends
  • Access better schools for kids
  • Separating work and home life

Temporary housing outside the base camp includes;

Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals range from condos to family-rental homes. However, finding short-term rentals for a shorter period can be challenging. Sometimes, the military personnel needs to pay month-to-month leases, which can be expensive, especially when renting a larger house.

When looking for a short-term rental, you intend to find one near a restaurant, school, or shop that has proximity to your working camp. If you have challenges finding the type of house you are looking for, you can choose to live in a san antonio crashpad that is comfortable and spacious. Again, it’s near the amenities you need during your stay.

Hotel Rooms

Finding hotel rooms near most military base camps isn’t a hassle. However, living in a hotel can be expensive and unsuitable for those with a larger family. Hence, single military personnel is the ones that mostly live in hotels. In addition, most people who choose hotels only need to live for a shorter period.

Though hotels are clean and offer housekeeping, they may only be comfortable for a short time. This is because you only need to carry a few of your necessities. Again, living in a hotel without a kitchen means you can’t cook your food. You can choose the san antonio crashpad near your workstation if you need to live a luxurious and comfortable life.

Corporate Housing

Choosing to live in a corporate house has several advantages. You can access the pool, gym, and restaurant. It’s more comfortable than a hotel because it’s built more like an apartment. Thus, it’s suitable for a small family or those living single.

However, the downside of living in a corporate house is no housekeeping. Hence, you need to do the cleaning yourself. Again, it offers a minimum of only a 30-night stay. Hence, you must renew your fees if you need to stay longer. In addition, it’s not the best place to stay with younger kids. Therefore, military personnel who need to stay with their young family should consider living in the san antonio crashpad, which is secure and luxurious to stay in.

Bottom Line

Soldiers can live outside their base camp if that’s what they prefer. However, one needs to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of living in or off the base. In addition, one should choose comfortable housing with proximity to necessities, such as shops and schools.