Eight Popular Types of Outdoor Structure to Enhance Curb Appeal of a Property

Just like the interior and exterior of the property, landscaping is also a vital part of the process of designing and building a dream house. To create an upscale ambiance in the backyard, there are many structural options that can be added. The Outdoor Structures not only improve the curb appeal of the house but also boost the property value. One can think about these popular backyard structures to shape the outdoor beauty in a custom property-


Arbors have arched frames, and some different designs have square corners. An arbor creates and defines an entry/exit point with defined pathways in the lawn. To make these structures aesthetically pleasing, one can cover them with climbing or trailing plants.


A gazebo is a multipurpose backyard structure that can be built in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. This freestanding unit can be customized with extra design features and is supported by columns. It also has a sturdy roof that offers sun and weather protection. Some gazebos include a cupola as an architectural feature, while others have built-in benches or a porch swing.


A greenhouse is an excellent backyard structure for serious gardeners. These are separate Outdoor Structures with closed roofs and multiple windows. Regardless of the weather outside, they are set up to create their own microclimate inside to provide plants with optimal conditions to grow. This allows for a healthy garden with regular produce throughout the year.

Patio Cover

The patio cover is a structure that is affixed to the house and can come in different forms. They can be made with a simple, solid roof or with partial covering. One of the classic patio designs for ranch-style homes is to cover the area with a roof or canopy.


A Pergola is a larger structure that stands independently and is supported by four posts of columns or pillars. When they stretch over patios, they often connect to the next structure on one side. Pergolas generally offer better shade and privacy than arbors.

Pool House

This is a standalone structure that is built next to or close to a pool and is often known as a cabana. These are generally used to keep pool-related equipment, supplies, and other stuff. Some large pool cabins have living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, baths, game rooms, and other amenities, making them suitable for use as a guest house or even as a rental property.


A Ramada is also known as a pavilion. A ramada, unlike a pergola, has a closed roof. This offers complete shade and some weather protection. This makes it a popular choice for full coverage of patios. They are usually built next to an outdoor fireplace to offer protection.


A trellis is a geometrically shaped structure specifically designed to act as a surface and a focal point for climbing plants. A trellis can also be used to support fruit trees. These are the freestanding garden structure that creates and maintains boundaries for the plants, offering an organized look.


Adding extra Outdoor Structures to the backyard is a popular housing trend. These are just a few examples of common layouts for backyard structures. It only takes some customization, creativity, and skilled architecture to get the best look for an appealing home exterior.

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