Everything One Needs to Know Before Installing a High Output Alternator

To meet the basic electrical needs, every vehicle today is accommodated with high output alternators. However, even if the vehicle has enough stock alternator to fulfill the basic requirements, a high output alternator is needed to support the high upgrades fostered in vehicles these days.

What worked for traditional vehicles will not work for the modern ones as they have a high electrical supply, power gates, compressors, navigation systems, and many more to improve the vehicle’s performance. All of these can be well supported by high output alternators.

How do high output alternators work?

The primary function of a high output alternator is to enhance the amperage within the electrical system. A high output alternator stores the power and provides the amps when needed. When the electrical load exceeds the charging system output, the amps stored in the battery’s reserve capacity are used.

Since this negatively affects a vehicle’s battery power, the high output alternator is used where the amps are supplied back to the battery when the vehicle is used. Further, more amps can be generated by a high output alternator that helps the vehicle run smoothly.

In case there is an alternator failure, a high output alternator can suffice. What determines the running capacity of alternators is the load on the charging system. Therefore, higher amps mean more load on the charging system. A high output alternator is suggested to be used if some additional accessories are added to the vehicle.

Types of high output alternators

The three different types of high output alternators are as follows:

  1. High output alternator required for audio
  2. High output alternator necessary for running applications
  3. High output alternator to conduct all functions

The basic functions performed by high output alternators include audio and lights, ignition, starting the engine, etc. One reason for switching to high output alternators from the traditional ones is the latter fails to run for a longer time on extreme load and can be damaged due to excessive heating.

To run audio on the car, specially designed high output alternators are used. With the upgradation of a car’s sound system, more energy is required for audio output to produce better sound. Again, if the vehicle is upgraded to run more applications, it would need a high output alternator for better functioning of all the existing applications. In short, if one has to run some added applications in one’s vehicle, the amperage will increase. A high output alternator can cater to this increase in amperage.

What leads to destroying a high output alternator?

If the high output alternator is used under extreme conditions and is forced to handle more amperage than it can produce, the alternator is sure to get destroyed. So, if one wants an alternator to last long and prevent it from destroying, one must take care of the amperage capacity that the alternator can cater to.


Thus, a high output alternator should be used only when a vehicle is upgraded. To make sure that the alternator is delivering the best performance, monitor it regularly.

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