Factors to Consider when Buying Amethyst Stones

An amethyst geode is formed after huge crystals grow in a rock’s open spaces. Amethyst is found in abundance in Brazil, among other countries. Amethyst geodes might be what you have always wanted if you want a unique addition to your interior décor.

These stones occur in plenty in the market, which might complicate the buying process. These geodes are mysterious and beautiful and form after a volcanic rock becomes eroded by water. Geodes are found in almost every corner of the world, mainly in sedimentary rocks like dolomite and limestone.

This rock type has a hollow shell filled with crystals that form a pattern in the rick cavity. This stone has been used for a long time as jewellery, and it also decorates items.

It is possible to find amethyst cathedrals for sale, and below, we discuss the main factors to consider when buying amethyst stones.

How to Determine High-Quality Geodes

It goes without saying that high-quality gemstones are not always the most expensive ones. It is advisable to consider several factors before buying these stones to ensure you make the best decision. Hue is one of the most important considerations, which means the stone’s colour.

High-quality geodes have a purple colour, and you should know there might be a colour variation that depends on where you buy them. The main things to consider before buying geodes include the following;


As stated above, colour is an essential consideration when buying geodes. This stone’s colour ranges from lavender to pink, while some have hints of blue and red. However, deeper colours are more expensive, including purple and strong reddish.


Clarity is another important consideration before buying a geode. You are only advised to buy clean and clear stones, which are available in plentiful amounts. Buying high-quality stones are expensive upfront but will serve you for long.


Amethyst popularity is determined by the availability of clear carat. Gemstones of around ten carats are readily available at cheap rates.


 Shape or cut is an important thing to consider when buying geodes. As stated above, amethysts are included in the quartz family, meaning they are durable and tough, which causes minor issues to skilled cutters. It will help to look out for cabochon amethysts for the best results.


Amethysts have been an in-demand item in the jewellery sector, and they once had the exact value of rubies and sapphires. It would help if you determined how you will use these stones before buying to ensure they meet your needs.


Amethysts can be treated like other gemstones using heat. Treatment is mainly done to darken or lighten a stone but can have varying effects.


Undoubtedly, price should be your biggest concern before buying these stones. As stated above, they occur in different types, all with distinct price ranges. It will help to opt for ample examples due to their value.

Final Thoughts

Amethysts have been present for a long time and have many uses. The above article has discussed the main factors to consider when buying amethyst stones, and you can reach out for more information.

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