Four SD-WAN Top Advantages

As businesses strive to squeeze the most out of digital transformations, SD-WAN continues to be the go-to. SD-WAN option combines the Software-Defined Network (SDN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Its popularity continues to soar as more businesses look for ways to up their WAN connections over an extensive geographic area. SD-WAN management solutions allow you to handle WAN through the cloud centrally. This means that even with thousands of branches spread over the country, you can manage them all in one place. SD WAN management delivers many advantages, including:


Investing in digital transformation can add more layers to your already complex network. Such complexity holds a significant impact since it increases risks. This includes poor network performance and overworking IT teams. This could translate to the need to increase onsite IT personnel to the remote sites.

SD-WAN management eliminates such complexities through simplified WAN infrastructure and the use of broadband. This results in advantages such as:

  • Offloading the non-critical applications
  • Improving automation
  • Managing traffic under a centralized controller

You can find SD-WAN with the capability to improve security and management even deep into your local LAN. This further simplifies the processes.


Increasing the IT personnel to handle the increasingly complex network can be costly. With SD-WAN management, such costs are eliminated from the equation. That is not all, though. As businesses continue deploying cloud-based apps, the data volume that travels over WAN increases. This can see the costs skyrocketing, which SD-WAN helps reduce. This is since you can leverage lower costs from the local internet connection. With SD-WAN, you can use the local internet for direct cloud access. This lowers the traffic over the backbone of your WAN, further saving operational costs. This is while facilitating streamlined business operations.

Cloud efficiency

The cloud is a great business solution. Nonetheless, its access and usage can be complex across the many branches. SD-WAN cut concerns like backhauling or routing traffic through data centers. Regardless of workers’ location, they can directly access the cloud applications. This is without overwhelming the core network with extra traffic or security aspects management. SD-WAN solution prioritizes business-critical applications, allowing the many branches to enjoy direct communication. Such cloud efficiency improves productivity.

Enhanced security

As beneficial as digital transformations are, they are more like a double-edged sword. They offer significant benefits while exposing your business to many security risks. Cyber crimes continue to hit new highs. As a business, your sensitive information’s security can’t take the backseat. SD-WAN solutions can help improve security. This is more so if you go with a solution that goes beyond the standard firewall and VPN features. SD-WAN, with features like encryption, NGFW, sandboxing capability, and IPS, to mention a few, offer a lot. This includes:

  • Make it easier to maintain top-class security
  • Ensure regulations adherence
  • Prevent downtime
  • Avoid data loss, to mention a few

While considering SD-WAN contributions, improved performance takes center stage. Nonetheless, the solution offers a lot more that can help a business stay a step ahead. With the best SD-WAN management solutions, you can handle digital transformation and scale your operations across the country without breaking your bank.

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