How To Get Rid of False Allegation Of Sexual Assault Crime

False crime accusations can be really nerve-wracking. When it is a claim about sexual assault- the whole thing turns into a nightmare. It is a serious allegation that needs solid ground to be proven. An innocent who has been falsely charged with this crime must call a sexual assault defense law firm. This case is very sensitive, and handling this matter on its own can lead to more complications. Expert defense lawyers will make a solid court presentation before juries on behalf of an alleged party in an effort to get justice served for the innocent.

Types of Sexual Assault Charges

Any offense involving forced sexual contact is considered to be sexual assault or sexual abuse. Sexual assault is a sex crime, which is extremely serious for a defendant, and it calls up serious punishment such as long-term prison sentences and large fines. The Sexual Assault Charges are made up of-

  • Criminal sexual activity
  • Forced physical contact or Rape
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Violent sexual abuse
  • A pattern of sexual misconduct with a minor
  • Genital mutilation
  • Use of a controlled substance to commit sexual assault
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct on University or College Campus
  • Sexual Abuse within the Family

Consequences of False Sexual Crime Allegations

False charges of sexual crimes can be traumatic experiences for innocent personnel. Apart from psychological impact, this false accusation can hamper his/her social image. One false accusation can impact all areas of life, such as employment opportunities, Visa procedures, academics, volunteering, and even personal relationships with friends, wives, family, and children. Before it becomes a lifetime stigma, the defendant needs to present his/her side of the story under proper attorney guidance in court to bring the truth to the surface.

Reasons To Seek Help from Sexual Assault Defense Law Firm

As soon as an innocent person is being investigated for a sexual assault charge that they did not commit, there must be no delay in protecting oneself by making defense plans. Innocents also need professional defense lawyers to present the truth with the proper paperwork, evidence, and witnesses. The court proceeding follows a systematic structure, and each party needs to follow standard conduct of communication while seeking justice.

A sexual Assault Defense Law Firm will deal with these allegations head-on. Apart from courtroom presentation, the defense lawyer will defend clients at all stages of the proceeding, from police interrogation to medical screenings. They will also help them in gathering all the evidence, speaking with a potential witness, and completing all the paperwork to present before the juries.

Things To Do When Charged With False Sexual Crime

  1. Never speak to the police without the presence of a lawyer
  2. Never agree to any terms without having a lawyer beside
  3. Always review the rights with the lawyer
  4. Always be truthful to the defense lawyer
  5. Document the experience and interaction with the accuser
  6. Write down details, including events and dates
  7. Make a list of potential witnesses of the events
  8. Corporate with a lawyer and try to compile possible evidence that supports the claim of being innocent
  9. Keep all the notes secure and only accessible to the lawyer
  10. Make a cost planning for legal fees, investigator fees, and defense charges


An expert attorney at a reputable sexual Assault Defense Law Firm will walk their clients through this legal process and provide zealous advocacy to protect their rights. They will build a strong defense strategy to avert serious sexual charges and make a plea bargain for the reputation damages along with other damages from the accusing party.