How to Win the Custody of Your Child as A Single Father?

As a single father, when you are filing for the custody of the child, you may want full custody in which the child is your sole responsibility or a joint custody where the responsibility is shared by parents.

Often joint custody makes more sense since, children need both parents in their lives. If you are asking for full custody, and the mother is also filing for custody then it is not going to be an easy situation to win, be ready with your valid reasons to explain the court that the child will be better off in your care.

As a first step discuss with Child custody lawyers about the court proceedings. Tell them all your concerns, and they are sure to help you legally in getting your child’s custody.

Here are some points to keep in mind to win custody:

Financial support

Though you get full or joint custody, it is your responsibility to pay for the need of your child and keep a record of those payments.


Even if the child is not in your custody, ensure your that you are always there for him/her. Make calls and check how was their day or visit their school and maintain records for visitation, which can help you win the child’s custody.


Consult with someone who has come across the same process. If you feel uneasy handling proceedings in the court, you can have choice of mediating done by a third party. Child custody law firm Hampton will be of great help to you if you need any legal assistance.


It is very important to attend child’s important events like baptism, birthday party, and school events. These attendances will be helpful to convince the court that you are taking care of your child. Have necessary documentation needed prior to the court hearing.

Living accommodation

Make space for your child at your home. This will help you answer the jury regarding child’s living accommodation.


Being rude to your child’s mother will affect the child and the chances of getting custody. Don’t forget the courtroom etiquette, and it may affect the custody of your child if you show intense anger.


Decide yourself whether it will be possible to take care of the child when you have a lot of responsibilities like multiple jobs, or other children to take care and that too when you need full custody.

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