Sailor Moon showing you her “crystal”, the heyday of erotic cosplay!

If you made a top of the most internationally-renowned people or characters in world history, Sailor Moon would most certainly be there, among Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, and Abraham Lincoln. She is famous all over the world, from Japan to South Africa and from Australia to the United States of America, among children, adults, and the elderly, both men and women. What most girls don’t know is that, for men, she is more than just a cartoon character: she is a fantasy.

Since we were little boys, we would watch Sailor Moon not necessarily for the plot, where she led a group of comrades to battle against villains and find a magical artifact known as the Silver Crystal, but mostly for her. She was perfectly drawn, with her long legs, short skirt, and big beautiful eyes. As boys turned into teenagers and then into fully-grown men, they didn’t forget Sailor Moon, but they wanted to see her in a different way. This pretty much explains why erotic cosplay is so popular: because it makes our real-life or cartoon characters available to us in a different way., one of the newest and most diverse websites in the XXX industry today, has an erotic cosplay HD scene showing Sailor Moon losing her first “battle” against one of the villains we mentioned previously. He is masked and ready to punish her for her audacity. First of all, he pulls out his “sword” and shows it to her, making sure that she can see it and feel it clearly. Then, she makes her touch it and taste it, but the climax is when he unveils her small and hidden “crystal”. After hundreds of episodes, Sailor Moon is finally vulnerable and she is showing us everything.

This erotic cosplay video continues as the villain puts Sailor Moon in different positions and punishes her for everything she’s done over time. At first, she doesn’t seem to like it, but soon she gets used to it and wants more and more. She didn’t join the “dark side”, but it was more than enough for pleasuring the villain, and also the hundreds of thousands of viewers. Each of them pulled out their own sword while watching the scene and decided for themselves when it was time to… finish the battle.

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