Seniors Parents and Driving

You might be curious about how safe it’s for the mother or father they are driving. Seniors convey more vehicle accidents than any age bracket aside from teenagers. When seniors enter into a vehicle accident they are more inclined to engage in a fatality than every other group based on the NHTSA.

Are you aware how good your parent drives? The American Association of Upon the market Persons provides an online Driver’s Safety Course. Some insurance providers offer discounted insurance costs for individuals taking and pass this program. The program might help identify any problems your seniors parent has driving.

Additionally to presenting the Driver’s Safety Course for making a conclusion regarding how safe your aged parent is driving, you should use other way to determine whether your parent has problems driving. If at all possible sit within the passenger’s seat while your parent drives.

The next indicators could suggest an issue with your parent’s driving:

Damage/dings around the vehicle

Tickets/warnings in the police

Tales about problems on the highwayOrindividuals honking

Difficulty operating the controls (breaks, gas)

Becoming lost

Difficulty in seeing (turning around)

Misjudging traffic/reaction time


In case your parent present a danger while driving it might be time to try and convince your parent that you’re ready to hang up the phone the keys. Let’s say your parent does not wish to hang up the phone the keys? The very best people to speak to your parent about hanging in the keys are generally a 1) spouse, 2) a physician, 3) a grownup child, 4) several family people.

You should choose words wisely. Avoid saying, “You’re ready to quit your keys.” That’s a command, as well as your parent doesn’t have choice within the matter.

However you might want to choose language like, “It can be time you began to made the decision when you should hang up the phone the keys.” This is taken more like a choice your parent makes as opposed to a somebody telling your parent how to proceed.

Before you decide to discuss this problem together with your father or mother think about: Are you able to quit your vehicle for just two days? That could give you another perspective and reevaluate be it here we are at mother or father to hold in the keys.

Driving does not need to be an either/or proposition. You might meet in the centre with mother or father. You might agree that the parent would only drive on certain days or certain hrs.

You may even accept your parent that she or he is only going to drive on certain routes and remain off particular roads and highways. Thus your parent could still drive only during occasions and places where the likelihood of a significant accident are reduced.

You may even want look around the costs of alternatives and compare individuals costs towards the costs of driving. The price of driving is a lot more than gasoline. Cars are costly to keep.

Element in maintenance, inspections, repairs, insurance, what it really cost to purchase the vehicle (and just how much the vehicle could be offered for). Compare that to alternative transportation for example taxis and buses. In case your seniors parent does not go lots of places this could considerably less costly to market the vehicle. In case your parent understands that alternative way of traveling anywhere she or he really wants to go costs under driving, that could take a few of the sting from deciding to hold in the keys.

Among the primary factors in driving is independence. The thought of going anywhere anytime without asking anybody is the reason why people wish to drive.

You might explore where your parent needs to go. The other means are for sale to make it happen? In case your parent will go wherever she must go whenever she must make it happen without any vehicle she wouldn’t be quitting any independence by hanging in the keys. And when she will cut costs by not driving, she may really be gaining some independence if extra cash equals extra freedom.

To conclude in case your parent cannot drive securely, gradually alter involve your parent in the choice to hang up the phone the keys. This decision is simpler in case your parent does not seem like they’re losing any independence. A parent or gaurdian might be able to stop driving by progressively reducing the places traveled and occasions traveled until such time as they might manage without driving.

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