The Importance a Wine Glass Makes To The Whole Drinking Experience.

In Australia, we are known as a nation of beer drinkers, but that is all changing due to the vast number of wines that are made in this country every year. Our wines have become famous throughout the world and when people reach for a bottle of wine in the UK or Europe, it’s very likely that they are reaching for a bottle of wine that was created in our country. The health benefits of drinking wine are well documented and they range from being good for the heart, to possessing essential ingredients that are good for the mind and soul. However, the type of glass that you drink your wine from can make a big difference to the taste.

That is why when you choose your favourite wine, you also need to choose the right wine glasses to drink it from. Many people overlook the importance of the glass and so never really understand why people prefer one particular wine over another. It’s all about the taste and certain glasses provide a different taste experience. In order to really understand your wine and to be able to identify all the different flavours and aromas, you definitely need the right wine glass. All wine glasses work in a different way and we will explore a few of them here today. Sit back, relax and enjoy learning about the following.

  • To properly enjoy a great glass of wine, you need to be able to savour the aromas that it releases and to do that, you need to be drinking it from the correct wine glass. We all know that familiar smell of the bacon cooking for breakfast in the morning, or the smell of the steak on the barbeque, well with wine, the aromas are released from the surface of the wine and the bigger the surface area, the more aromas are released. The bigger wine glass, allows you to swirl the wine around and release all those smells and flavours that you can bring into your nose as you drink.
  • The wine glass is primarily designed to collect the aromas that the wine gives out and these are called ‘aroma collectors.’ It depends on your choice of wine, but typically a red wine would need a larger aroma collector and a white wine, a smaller one. The smaller one helps keep the white wine chilled for longer and the larger one allows the red wine to breathe.
  • The lip of the wine glass makes a big difference to the drinking experience and wine glasses come with different sizes of lips. It is generally accepted that the thinner the lip of the wine glass, the less the glass is stopping you from savouring the great taste of the wine. Next time you look at a glass, consider the lip when you decide to pour something in there and what you want from that drink.

As you can see, choosing the right glass makes all the difference in the world, and when it comes to wine, either red or white, the type of glass adds to the whole experience. Be sure that you choose wisely.

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