What Are The Benefits Of An Automated Attendant For Businesses?

If a business receives a considerable number of calls daily, it’s worth using an auto attendant (VoIP service feature) in a business telephone system. An automated attendant is known for automatically transferring the callers to an appropriate agent, which eliminates the need for a human operator or receptionist. Now that 80% of business is conducted over the telephone, companies should use an automated attendant for answering and directing calls at all times. This article highlights the benefits of using an automated attendant feature of VoIP solutions for businesses.

  • Monetary Savings 

Auto attendants are most commonly used to save costs. Indeed, companies incur high ongoing financial costs to maintain call centers or hire multiple receptionists. These costs can include recruitment costs, training costs, wages, and incentives, etc. On the other hand, by using an auto attendant, companies can eliminate all these costs. Moreover, there will be no need for training or onboarding.

  • Faster Call Handling

Taking phone calls from customers and clients is crucial for every business. And using an automated attendant via VoIP solution can make a significant difference. It offers several features that take the pressure off the customer support team. Moreover, the attendant forwards callers to the designated department, meaning fewer calls are left unanswered.

Furthermore, a well-structured automated attendant ensures that calls are reached by the appropriate party faster. After all, there is no need for the calls to go through the reception desk.

  • 24/7 Call Handling

Businesses usually receive hundreds of calls every day and at any time. The customer support team can’t be available all day and night to attend customers’ calls. In addition, it’s impossible to direct and screen hundreds of calls manually and hold times are another critical issue. All this can further result in dissatisfied customers.

Automated attendants can handle calls quickly and effectively without human involvement 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The needs of customers are addressed promptly. It improves the lives of both employees and customers accordingly.

  • Professional Image 

An auto attendant can help companies portray their professional image to the callers. Now that callers are greeted mainly by an automated attendant when they call large enterprises, customers expect this particular service from every other company. Moreover, the automated attendant is recognized for dealing with calls efficiently, giving a professional image to businesses.

One great thing about this VoIP service feature is that it can be customized to send personalized messages to callers. It can include useful information about businesses like opening and closing hours, upcoming events, holidays, etc.


An automated attendant helps manage a business effectively. This specific feature of VoIP service is excellent for companies with multi-site businesses and remote teams. It is because calls can be easily answered or routed to alternative numbers like landlines in other offices or employees’ mobile phones. So, if a company is looking for a useful feature complementing its business telephone system, it should consider using an automated attendant. The benefits automated attendant offers are clear, and the great news is that almost every VoIP service comes with this feature.

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